Where did you grow up?

London, England


Chester, Dalmatian (11) and Louie, mixed breed (7).

First triathlon:

The inaugural Denver Triathlon (2011).

Why did you get into triathlon?

A friend wanted to do one so I agreed to do it with her to support her goal. It sounded fun and was a new challenge.

Goal for 2017:

Qualify for USAT Nationals 2018! Race a 2:40 56 mile bike split.

Favorite Quote:

Change the way you look at things, and the look of things will change.

Biggest Inspiration:

My partner - he has experienced a number of challenges, including beating cancer in 2015. He never gives up.

Favorite food:

Indian food - particularly Navrattan Korma.

Coffee or Tea: 

Primarily tea but recently I am addicted to Vanilla Lattes.

Would you rather be a dog named killer or a cat named fluffy?

While I am solidly a dog person, a dog named Killer makes me think of a mean, angry dog. Therefore, I have to go with a cat named Fluffy, who I believe, in her own way is a force to be reckoned with. She possesses the element of surprise, because folks underestimate her power!

If you could spend one day with anyone (dead or living) who would it be?

I think this answer will likely change for me over time, but right now, I would love to spend a day with Michelle Obama. 

What does #BeAVixxen mean to you?

Never giving up. Finding the best in all you do even when something doesn't go as planned. Being open to opportunity. Encouraging and supporting others. Not letting others or our culture define you.

One thing that most people don't know about you?

At the age of 11, I permed my hair (as you did in the '80s). It has stayed curly ever since. Curly hair represents my personality better :-)