Where are you from?

Littleton, Colorado.



First triathlon:

2010 was suppose to be Boulder 70.3 but freaked out I wouldn't be able to finish the swim so ended up racing Beaver Creek Xterra two weeks before.

Why did you get into triathlon?

I was always active growing up.  My parents and brother rode bikes.  My brother actually completed the entire Ride the Rockies at age 9.  He did Ironkids back in the day but I wanted nothing to do with it.  I showed horses competitively.  In high school I stared to road bike with my family.  I did some duathlons in College but didn't know how to swim.  I also started to run marathons.  Nothing crazy intense, just for fun and fitness.  I still was riding and showing horses competitively through college.  After college I started working for Pearl Izumi (I majored in Product Design and Development). Cycling and running was a huge part of culture.  We went on runs and rides during lunch.  I would get dropped on group rides but it made me stronger and eventually was able to hang (well sometimes) during the "hour of power" we called it.  Everyone was really helpful with giving me riding pointers.  Some had ridden professionally and several were still racing.  I got talked into road racing followed by mountain bike racing.  I continued to race half marathons and marathons.  I eventually got a coach when I started to get more serious about racing mountain bikes.  I had always been interested in Triathlon but didn't know where to start with the swim thing....I had some fears of water and did not know how to swim laps at all.  I was promoted to Product Line Manager for Run and Triathlon Apparel at Pearl Izumi.  At that point I felt I had to understand the swim portion of the race to speak intelligently to retailers, buyers, sales reps and athletes.  That was the kick in the butt I needed.  I started swim lessons the week after I toke the job.  It toke longer then I thought to learn how to swim (I'm still bad).  My mountain bike coach helped me get ready for my first triathlon.  I decided my first triathlon would be Boulder 70.3.  Looking back probably not the wisest decision.  I chose a 70.3 because I knew my swim would be really slow and with a 70.3 I would have 56 miles to catch up verse an Olympic 25 mile bike.  I couple weeks out from the race I started to freak out that I would not make the swim cut off.  Since I had been racing mountain bikes all summer I decided I would jump into Beaver Creek Xterra two weeks before.  The swim was a mile.  I didn't know much about tapering, etc.  I just raced every weekend and thought it would be good for me to complete a mile swim for confidence.  It was a little pond that you do two laps in.  There is a walking path that goes around.  My mom walked around making sure I did not drown and for support.  No kidding I was the last person out of the water.  I passed tons of people on bike and run.  Two weeks later I completed Boulder 70.3 in a time of 5:26.  After that I was hooked!  I wanted to start actually training for triathlons.  At work I had the opportunity to work with some amazing athletes.  One day I asked Tim Deboom who he would recommend as a coach.  He said he would be happy to help.  At that is where it all began.

Goal for 2017:

The last two summers have been extremely hard for me.  Right before my key race both years I got a stress fracture in my femur (different side each year).  My first goal this year is to make it to my two key races healthy...CDA 70.3 and IM Wisconsin.  I haven't been able to make it healthy to an Ironman yet.  My goal is to win my AG group at CDA 70.3 (I was close last year) and qualify for Kona.

Favorite Quote:

Suffer Better.

Biggest Inspiration:

My mom.

Favorite food:


Coffee or Tea: 


Would you rather be a dog named killer or a cat named fluffy?

Dog named Killer.

What does #BeAVixxen mean to you?

Inspire and encourage women around you.

One thing that most people don't know about you?

I can rope steers and tie goats (pretty country).