do i need to live in colorado?

No! There is no way around that the team hub is in Boulder, CO, but we have athletes all over the US!

Our focus area to grow for 2019 are Arizona and Colorado, but if you think you can be an asset to the Vixxen squad and can handle some travel to hit the team races, drop us a line and we can talk more!

do athletes have to work individually with the team coach? and is coaching part of membership?

Coach EK is the official coaching sponsor for the team and on top of the team training events that he leads, he also works 1 on 1 with several of the athletes. No, you are not required to be coached by Eric.

The team coached events are designed to be able to benefit everyone on the team as a supplement/addition to your individual training but does not replace the need for each individual to have their own training strategy.

how often do we train together? what is training like?

We have a weekly run through the winter and track in the warmer months. Athletes are strongly encouraged and do a great job of getting together to train in smaller focus groups applicable to what everyone is racing.

Thought the year there is organized group training. We are always working to bring more training opportunities to the team without compromising the personalized training that we need as athletes to compete at our best.

No, Racing all of the different distances in triathlon present their own challenges and there is no one size fits all to what makes a great athlete.

Regardless of the athlete’s primary distance they are expected to race events that attract the top levels of competition. For Sprint and Olympic distance races this will require travel just as it would for Ironman events, and athletes are expected to attend the USAT National Championships if they are a “short course specialist”

do we have to race long course?

We are striving to provide “a home” to nationally/internationally competitive amateur women triathletes. And to assist developing athletes with matching drive and dedication to support their advancement in higher level competition and to continue the advancement of women’s sports.

what does elite development mean?