Bike's name:

How have I not named my bike?!?

Where did you grow up?

Born in Chicago, grew up in Harrisburg, PA (it's the capital).


Jason, my fiancé :)

First triathlon:

Leon's triathlon 2012

Why did you get into triathlon?

I was a distance runner for a while and kept trying to improve my marathon time. I loved the challenge and training for the marathon, but I was always getting injured. I knew how to swim and figured I could figure the whole biking thing out (still figuring it out), so with some encouragement from friends i signed up! 

Goal for 2017:

Stop riding scared! Also, if i can stay healthy, try to shoot for low 1:30 (dream maybe even under) run off bike.

Favorite Quote:

"Everytime I've raced my shadow when the sun was at my back, it always ran ahead of me, always got the best of me. But everytime I've raced my shadow when my face was towards the sun, I won" -Shel Silverstein 

Biggest Inspiration:

My 96 year old granny.

Strange race habits or rituals?

I used to have to eat a chocolate peanut butter cliff bar - no matter what. I'm loosening up in my old age and will branch out to other flavors now :)

Favorite food:

Peanut butter. 

Coffee or Tea: 


Would you rather be a dog named killer or a cat named fluffy?

Killler dog :) 

If you could spend one day with anyone (dead or living) who would it be?

I would spend the day with Chelsea Handler and Bill Maher (sorry need them both). We would likely explore LA, eat and drink good things and laugh.  I would take a break to go running. 

What does #BeAVixxen mean to you?

It means be unapologetically yourself which by way of a Vixxen means awesome! Words that come to mind are athletic, fierce, supportive, dedicated, competitive (but not uninviting).

One thing that most people don't know about you?

I'm afraid of the dark. For reeeeal!