Bike's name:



Shae - Dog baby - 10 yrs - Border Collie/German Shepherd

Where did you grow up?

The Dirty Jerz :)

First triathlon:

Loveland Lake to Lake Sprint - 2013.

Why did you get into triathlon?

My older siblings are both incredible athletes. My sister had been racing triathlon and inspired me to try it. I was both terrible at it and terrified by it. That's when I knew I had to keep racing. 

Goal for 2017:

Train hard, race smart, listen to my body, and maybe qualify for 70.3 worlds and Kona while I'm at it.

Favorite Quote:

"This too shall pass" From the most painful lows, to the joyful highs - a constant reminder that everything is temporary. Etched on my Road ID just in case I forget.

Biggest Inspiration:

My dad. When he was alive he was the one who pushed all of us kids into outdoor pursuits. In his death I am continually inspired by him; trying to live a life that he would be proud of. 

Strange race habits or rituals?

I don't think I do anything too strange pre-race, but when I'm racing I sing on the bike. Not sure what started that but I guess if you're looking for entertainment (or a good laugh) find me on the bike course! 

Favorite food:

Beets, kale, avocado, chocolate, is wine a food?

Coffee or Tea: 


Would you rather be a dog named killer or a cat named fluffy?


If you could spend one day with anyone (dead or living) who would it be?

My dad. I'd ask him a million questions that I never got the chance to. 

What does #BeAVixxen mean to you?

It means racing hard with guts and tenacity while inspiring other women to get involved in sport.

One thing that most people don't know about you?

I'm an open book.